Jesus Army School at AUN

Jesus Army School at AUN

On April 4, a four-member team from the Jesus Army School, Yola Town, visited AUN.

They were received by the Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Student Affairs, Byron Bullock. They include a member of the Parent-Teacher Association, a member of the Board of Directors, and two management staff.

Director of Community Service, Mohamadou Dabo, who presented them to Dean Bullock, said AUN students most recently provided seats for the nursery section of the school.

In the past, AUN students helped to give a face-lift to a classroom building in the school.

PTA Chairman, Charles Alonyenu Abalike, who led the delegation, said they were at AUN to express their appreciation to the AUN management for allowing the undergraduates to extend their community services to their school.

“In our last Saturday PTA Congress meeting, it was widely reported. It took us unawares. We were surprised. And so we are very grateful, it was agreed that we come here to say thank you very much.”

Dean Bullock told the delegation that AUN is a university that reaches out to its host community in various ways.

“We want to thank you for allowing our students to come out and come into the community to do what they can to assist in different ways. As part of our mission as a development university, we want to train and develop our young people to understand that the community wherever they live should be very important to them. They should be reaching out and trying to assist mankind in any way that they can. That is the mission of the university as defined by the Founder.”

As part of its development mission, the University established the community service office that helps students to understand what kind of projects they want to do and support them in the execution.

“We challenge our residence halls with projects so that they can, in fact, impact the community in some way. So they decide what kind of things they want to do.”

He added that another way AUN helps the society is through the provision of scholarships to indigent but bright students.  


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa