Jabbama Party for New Employees

Jabbama Party for New Employees

On March 22, the HR & Planning Department held its Jabbama, the on-boarding, meet-and-greet party for new hires. No fewer than 40 new employees attended.

Held once every session, Jabbama is how the university celebrates new additions to the AUN family and introduces them to the culture of the host community.   

“And I think you are joining us at a very exciting time because we are about to open a new chapter for AUN – the sustainability chapter,” said President Dekle, expressing joy for their coming to Yola.

Noting they were entering AUN in a growth period, Dr. Dekle said, “We are hoping to start Engineering very soon. We are hoping to have a student center very soon. We are hoping to have more residence halls very soon. This is going to be very exciting because you can help us shape things.”

Each new employee at the party received a souvenir, which the AVP of HR & Planning, Nourah Bamalli, said is AUN memorabilia.

“It is our tradition during occasions like these to give out corporate gifts. The idea is to remember this day and then to remember AUN for a lifetime.”

VP of Finance & Administration (VPA), Olanipekun Olanrewaju; VP of University Relations, Dr. Abba Abubakar Tahir; Vice President of Campus Life & Dean of Student Affairs, Byron Bullock; Dean of SAS, Patrick Fay, Dean of SITC, Dr. Mathias Fonkam, Secretary to the BoT, Barrister Idi Ali, and Director of Facilities Management, Kapil Vij, were among the senior management who formally welcomed the employees.  The Adamawa State Dance Troupe performed a Fulani dance drama. Employees then shared their experiences so far with AUN and Yola.

Newly hired Records Specialist in the HR Department, Emeka Ajunam, commented that he was initially skeptical about the security situation in Yola. He said what he found was contrary to the impression created in the South.

“I was thinking I would find burnt houses.”

But having spent some time in the town, he found it to be calm and serene. He observed the absence of heavy vehicular traffic that characterizes life in places like Lagos makes working in AUN less stressful.

Dr. Olamide Longe, who was on the NUC delegation to AUN last year, was among the new employees. The professor in the School of Information Technology & Computing said he finds AUN the desired environment to be.

“What I met at AUN as a system still intrigues me because I have been in several places in Nigeria. This is the fifth university that I am working in. You want to be in a place where you find people who have the exposure, the experience, and the understanding of what academics should be. And having interacted with a lot of colleagues around the campus, I felt that this is a place that I would like to interface with.”

He also noted that AUN compares favorably with universities in developed countries.

He was also intrigued by the slogan of AUN as a development university.

“When I heard that the president said AUN is Africa’s best secret, I wanted to be part of the people who will open that secret up so that people all over the world will know what is here.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa