Interim Dean Mbah Retains Chair of Business Administration

Interim Dean Mbah Retains Chair of Business Administration

Dr. Chris Mbah, the Professor of Marketing & International Business and Interim Dean of the Graduate School, will retain the Business Administration portfolio in the School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE).

Before assuming office in the Graduate School, Prof. Mbah was the chair of Business Administration, Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship.

Dean Attahir Yusuf of SBE, who announced changes on May 16, 2019, said Dr. Hassan Yusuf, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management would chair the Entrepreneurship and Management program.

“I have asked Professor Mbah and he has agreed to continue serving as the Chair of Business Administration,” said Dean Yusuf. “I have also asked Dr. Hassan Yusuf and he agreed to chair Entrepreneurship and Management.”

The SBE dean went on to solicit colleagues' traditional cooperation and support to Mbah and Yusuf in discharging their responsibilities.


Reported by Innocent Nwobodo