ICP Major, Maryam Abdulkadir, Emerges Sustainability Club President

ICP Major, Maryam Abdulkadir, Emerges Sustainability Club President

On September 22, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives and Student Teams Advancing Regional Sustainability (STARS Club) inaugurated a new executive committee with Maryam Abdulkadir as the new president of the Club.

The handover to Ms. Abdulkadir was conducted at Residence Hall BB with students and other members of the AUN community in attendance.

The Sustainability Office Manager, Raymond Obindu, told the audience how Dr. Charles Reith created the Sustainability Initiatives program in 2012. “We needed the project to move and that is how STARS Club came into being.”

Mr. Obindu said that STARS Club was one of the longest existing clubs in AUN. It has won several awards because of its impact on the community, he explained. The Club plants trees in local schools, organizes programs for secondary and primary school students and creates awareness on how to keep a good environment.

The Club also helps encourage students to develop good environmental footprints,  coordinates events like training local women, research and other sustainability campaigns.

The Sustainability Initiatives Office has been able to impact host communities in areas such as the Yola EcoSentials (YES), which uses plastic bags to create accessories like bags, pen holders, and other household materials. It has also helped boost income generation for women who have lost hope and do not have a means of sustenance. Another of its outstanding contributions  is a STARS program introducing local farmers to sustainable farming methods without the use of chemicals.

Farm research specialist Rotimi Ogundijo welcomed the new executives of the Club and challenged them to be ambassadors of the Office of Sustainability Initiatives.

Ms. Abdulkadir promised to work hard to ensure the campus community remains clean for all. She has great plans to optimize AUN’s vast environmental resources.  “What I really want to do is to build AUN its first mall garden because we have a lot of space and we don’t actually have where people can hang out.”

With such noble plans the STARS club looks forward to a new reign of innovative ideas.

The executive committee’s inauguration was rounded off  with a campus walk for awareness on environmental, water and energy conservation.


Reported by Chiedozie Joseph