Honor Society Members File out for Recognition, Medals

Honor Society Members File out for Recognition, Medals

Forty-three members of the AUN Honor Society (AUNHS) received a medal of honor each on November 24, 2018, during the Founder’s Day celebration.

“AUNHS members undergo a rigorous screening process before joining this elite organization, To become eligible, students must have spent two years at AUN and achieved and maintained a CGPA of 3.5 or more. They must demonstrate a willingness to step up and take responsibility, and to discharge that responsibility professionally and with integrity, and to do it not because it is easy but because it is hard”.

Faculty advisor of the Society, Dr. Ferdinand Che, who was assisted by the Founder and President Dekle to decorate the students, argued that “AUN and the wider community have the right to demand the very best and more from all students of AUN whenever the situation demands it.”

“AUN Honor Society advisors, Dr. Obioma Uche, Dr. Abubakar Hussaini, and I demand more of you. Members of the Honor Society are expected to conduct themselves as role models for other students.”

Over the years, the AUNHS has achieved significant strides. They established a Community Scholarship Fund which is designed to support primary and secondary school education of children within the community; about 40 children who are beneficiaries of this program will have their tuition covered throughout the course of their primary education.

The AUNHS also raises funds to pursue several other initiatives.  These include creating a conducive environment for learning through targeted tutorials offered to students who need them, classroom refurbishment, provision of classroom desks for children who would otherwise learn sitting on the floor, roofing for staff rooms, and provision of new uniforms to boys and girls within the community. These charitable interventions offer students in the community a sense of belonging and fosters better learning and growth.

Beyond academic excellence, hard work, moral rectitude, a force of character, commitment to selfless service, and purposeful leadership, members of this prestigious group enjoy a privileged platform; they get to interact more intimately with the Founder, a role model himself, who embodies the values of the Honor Society.

The mission of the Honor Society is to identify, nurture, and promote future leaders who embody not only academic excellence but possess moral character and a genuine commitment to service.

Reported by Togor Passa