Guinean Team Tours AUN

Guinean Team Tours AUN

On November 26, a delegation from Guinea visited AUN.

The team was made up of a family which was in Yola for a wedding that took place over the weekend. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Prof. Muhammadou Kah, and the Vice President for University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir, received the visitors.  Professor Kah told the team that the University has graduated students since 2009 and that many of them have gone on to the best graduate schools across the world. He added that while many went on to work for companies of renown, others have established their own businesses.

Dr. Tahir who spoke of the liberal arts education that AUN offers said that AUN is the first to offer an American-style education in sub-Saharan Africa.

“The class size in a typically American institution is small, allows teachers to know their students.  We do not want to compromise that standard.” He also spoke of the diversity of AUN. “It has attracted people from nearly 40 countries. And there is no part of Nigeria that is not represented here. That is the biggest strength of the University.”

The Vice President for University Relations, Dr. Tahir further added that the University’s focus on IT is substantial. “The whole campus is wireless. Our library is 99.9 percent digital. You can relax in your room and still have access to the library.”

The team also learned from Dr. Tahir that AUN has a study abroad program that allows students to spend a semester or two in another university abroad. They then toured AUN’s eco-friendly administrative buildings, classrooms, Communications & Multimedia Design lab, AUN Radio, and TV studio, all of which are housed in the e-Library building.

While explaining the concept of the eco-friendly building, he said containers used for it are those used in bringing goods and abandoned. “It demonstrates our ability to create solutions.

A member of the nine-member delegation, Abdullahi Zayla, said he was impressed with what he had seen, describing AUN as a model for quality education from the infrastructure he has seen.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa