Glow Pool Party Like No Other

Glow Pool Party Like No Other

A night of leisure, cheers, BBQ chicken, and water-style fun, the “Glow Pool Party” truly made its mark as one of the best events of this year’s Senior Week.

This event illustrated an enchanting atmosphere of college seniors partaking in wild water-based fun, bonding in cliques of their most beloved friends while reminiscing on the long, four-year journey through the confines of AUN campus life. The music was loud; the people were ‘lit’, and the pool brimming with swimmers.

The event which commenced by 9:30 pm on May 13, 2019, at the AUN Clubhouse, took a little time after to liven up. But by 11, everyone had fully immersed themselves in the party culture, and one by one dived into the pool to display their swimming prowess. For those that couldn’t swim so well, their experienced friends dragged them in so they could get a load of the fun. Others took to commune at their outdoor roundtables adjacent the pool, to drink and freely converse with each other. From water-gun mania to face-painted warriors, the array of different styles truly made this event one to remember.

The Glow Pool Party was one of the few pool parties I’ve seen in AUN where people entered the pool in large numbers with such enthusiasm and ecstasy. Perhaps the uplifting feeling of the liberation from undergraduate life is the cause. Seniors and all other parties in attendance made sure the event was no ordinary pool party but an event which showcased the lively intricacies of student life in a way that appeared to make everyone ‘glow’.  

The Glow Pool Party definitely satisfied its hype. The Office of Student Activities & Involvement (OSAI), headed by Elijah Minso, brought the glow for a night of fun-filled, water-based, glow-in-the-dark ecstasy. We hope for more events organized by this creative mind and his team.

Reported by Henry Okoro