First Impressions: AUN Exceeds My Expectations – Dr. Jennifer Mike

First Impressions: AUN Exceeds My Expectations – Dr. Jennifer Mike

A new faculty member in the Criminal & Human Rights Law department under the AUN School of Law, Dr. Jennifer H. Mike, is elated to have found AUN as her new home.

Dr. Mike described her first impression of the diverse community, saying, “What I will say about AUN is that it has exceeded my expectations.”

Before she came to Yola, in general, she had heard so much about the place. The only thing I knew about AUN was what I saw online, and in the newspapers, and the stories around.”

Dr. Mike, who had high praises for the logistics officers who received her upon arrival, said the warmth from the staff and security people at AUN made her feel relaxed and she immediately started to feel settled in.

“The people around here are very nice and polite. Everyone from the security and support staff went out of their way to make us feel at home, and we were reassured that AUN is not as boring as it appeared then.”

The Assistant Professor of Law, who had initial reservations about coming to Yola, said she saw the environment in a new light and was reassured that AUN is a safe and secure community.

Speaking about her first day in class, Professor Mike said she was initially anxious but after the dean’s assurances about the caliber of students, and after spending a few hours with them, the class became interactive.

“Of course the students were also not too sure about me, but before the end of the first class, we had established a rapport back and forth.

“We were so engaged with each other that time went by so quickly and when I went home calling everybody to tell them I got the best job, I am in the right place, I am doing the right thing, and I am going to stay.”

Ms. Mike, who received her Ph.D. in Law at the University of Exeter in the UK and taught there as well, said that AUN’s learning system is great because it is student-focused like in the US and the UK.

“Unlike my university here in Nigeria where you cannot meet one-on-one with your dean, here we have consultations and tutorials which are similar to what we have in the U.K.”

A good way of learning is when students are taught to engage with their instructors, and it gets students more involved in the learning process. “I am very, very impressed with the standard here.”

The human rights advocate, who praised Dean Justus Oladejo Olowu’s open-door policy, said the law program syllabus at AUN is unique because it encompasses American, Nigerian, and British curriculums while bringing in local content and context.

Dr. Mike applauded the Meet-your-Deans concept, saying it is good because students’ concerns are taken into account through such interactive forums. “I thought that was unique and profound. It is something that I have not seen anywhere else.”

Dr. Mike whose Ph.D. dissertation was on women’s right to health revealed she is excited and on board to take up new aspects of the law program, including gender law and much more which the dean has integrated into the syllabus.

“It is a welcome development, and the dean will not have a shortage of hands to help in that area.”

She says the new student orientation helps to expose new faculty members to AUN’s development-oriented initiatives and philosophy.

I have discussed with some of my students in the Human Rights class, and I tell them that there are many issues we ignore, and if someone is being oppressed, I think it affects the person’s developmental potentials.

As a qualified legal practitioner, Dr. Mike has worked with the Law firms of Atlantic Solicitors in the UK, and many other solicitors across Nigeria.

The human rights advocate and activist is an Amnesty International volunteer; she campaigned for women’s rights and worked with Project Restore, a UK charity, as a legal advisor/researcher. She has also led many human rights campaigns across Nigeria and the UK.

Dr. Jennifer H. Mike has many publications to her name, including Embodying the Female Body: Foundational Feminist Approach & The International Responsibility to Protect Human Rights and Promote Justice Through Humanitarian Intervention: A Challenge To State Sovereignty?

She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and the International Federation of Women Lawyers.


Reported by Togor Passa