Faculty Retreat Boosts Team Spirit, Sets Academic Agenda

Faculty Retreat Boosts Team Spirit, Sets Academic Agenda

The University leadership led faculty members through a three-day retreat aimed at boosting team spirit and setting out the agenda for the new academic session.

The retreat began on August 28.

President Dekle, who kicked off the session, said AUN is going to be at the forefront of the emerging curriculum. "We want to be the thought leader on the curriculum of the future in Nigeria. Let us be thinking about how we can give the best curriculum to our students."

The President revealed plans to organize workshops and seminars during the academic session on new ideas dominating global thought.

"We all know that Artificial Intelligence and robotics are coming. We have no choice. So then how does it affect how we teach and what we teach? How can we make sure that our curriculum remains relevant as we go into the future?"

Vice President for University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir, addressed the plenary, giving a detailed history of AUN. There were also reflections on the early days of AUN given by more than 10 long-serving faculty members. President Dekle said she was excited to hear these reflections.

VP for Academic Affairs & Provost, Prof Muhammadou Kah, also facilitated sessions for department chairs and graduate program coordinators to discuss ‘The curriculum of the future.'

In another session, Professor Kah facilitated a talk on "AUN Teaching Culture." In it, professors shared techniques for classroom management with colleagues.

Role-plays and panel discussions were used to demonstrate how professors can help students to participate more in class.

President Dekle said the essence is to support students become better learners. She said the more the professors hear their colleagues share their experiences with students, the more they feel comfortable that they are not alone in handling the challenges that students face.

"It is a dynamic environment. The more we are learning from each other, the more we can share… And if we all kind of embrace each other and support each other on how we help students be better, this will be very helpful."

There were sessions in which the professors met with the Student Government Association leaders as well as members of the Residence Life Council.

Director of Judicial Affairs Mbursa Gwany led the session on ‘Understanding the AUN Honor Code and Judicial Affairs.'

Senior professors later formed a Bootcamp session which discussed balanced teaching, research, service, grant-seeking/writing at AUN, and school meetings.

The retreat ended with predictions for the upcoming academic year and suggestions for next year's orientation and retreat.

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa