Entrepreneurs Think Globally But Start Locally

Entrepreneurs Think Globally But Start Locally

On May 4, the Chief Executive Mark Brand, Iyke Joels told aspiring entrepreneurs to dare start small.

The occasion was a seminar organized by Startup Grind. This platform brings upcoming entrepreneurs together to be educated, inspired, and connected with the established entrepreneurs. It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

“Most times, people want to start big.” He says that starting small presents the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Mr. Joels maintains that capital is usually not a hindrance to success in business but the desire to start and to dream big.

“We can start small and grow… We started from nowhere but we know we were going somewhere.”

He shared his success story with the business he started with N4,000 to the young entrepreneurs. He said the ambition to ‘just do something’ was basically all he had, which is why the word “rugged” kept recurring in his talk.

“There is something called paralysis of too much analysis. You don’t need to analyze, just start. There is on-the-job training. As you keep working you get better. You don’t need to start up better. You start up rugged. As you keep working, you get better. We started rugged, just doing what we need to do. But today, we are doing best practices.”

He spoke of how, as a serving Corps member, he was motivated to do something for survival and fear of not becoming idle and jobless after service was a motivation for starting a waste disposal company with a friend. He later entered into a branding and advertisement company called Mark Brand Nigeria Limited just by designing a T-shirt.

The AUN Chapter of Startup Grind was established by Law major Chijioke Malachy Attamah.  The Chapter Director said the fireside chat they had with Mr. Joels was the very first they were having since the chapter got its approval to exist. He said they plan to regularly bring entrepreneurs who are well established and have inspiring stories as those of Mr. Joels.  

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa