Enthusiastic Volunteers Warm up to Welcome New Undergraduates

Enthusiastic Volunteers Warm up to Welcome New Undergraduates

Periodic cheering dotted the planning meeting of student-volunteers on August 26 at the Student Affairs wing of Administration 2 Building.

The preparatory gathering bubbled with excitement and enthusiasm, signaling that time of the year when new undergraduates join the old for the transformational education offered at AUN.

More than 30 volunteers for the New Student Orientation were present at the welcome session that was organized by the Careers Office.

Director of Career Services, Grace Nwokoma, believes it is a training program for the returning students because, in a few years they would find themselves job-seeking. The skills acquired through volunteering will come handy.

Although the planning and execution of New Student Welcome/orientation might be hectic, Mrs. Nwokoma noted, the team must endeavor to make it fun. "This is why being active, energetic, and lively is a major criterion for the volunteer selection process. The volunteers also must be team players, she added.

AUN has a tradition of welcoming new students/parents and giving them the necessary tools needed to hit the ground running and to set the ball rolling upon arrival.

The student volunteers are organized into seven teams each with a leader and an assistant. The teams are responsible for but not restricted to receiving new students and their parents from the airport, helping students to check into their residence halls, leading parents to their hotels, and helping students understand the registration process.

A third-year Law major, Christopher Nwosulor, who is participating in the program for the second time, says it is always exciting to see new faces on campus and help them get adapted to college life.

"I received help when I was in my first year and volunteering is a way of paying back."

A third-year Communications & Multimedia Design major, Sani Adeleke, who is the orientation leader in charge of transportation, describes being part of this group of students as a privilege. Besides being excited to help students get acquainted with their new environment, he believes that the future starts today. He said participating in this service and leadership program is a step to his ambition of becoming an eminent Nigerian leader.

Meanwhile, new students started arriving on August 27 and were checked into residence halls. On August 28, they started their registration formalities. On August 29, President Dekle would formally welcome all new students and their parents at the E-Library Auditorium. All new members of the AUN community would be hosted to dinner in the evening of the same day at AUN Club. The Convocation and Pledge Ceremony proper comes up on September 2 while September 3 is the first day of class for the 2019 Fall semester. 

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa