Emerging Leaders Academy Graduates Fourth Batch

Emerging Leaders Academy Graduates Fourth Batch

Sixty-eight students graduated from the Emerging Leaders Academy program on February 9, 2019.

It was the fourth batch of students to undergo the program since it started in 2015.

This year-long leadership development program is designed to equip would-be leaders with the necessary skills and potential.

“It is a special moment when our Academy members go on to become the AUN Ambassadors we have spent the last year training them to be,” said Vice President of Campus Life & Dean Students Affairs, Byron Bullock, at the closing ceremony.

“This is your moment. You have worked hard during this journey and met every educational challenge that has been strategically designed to shape and mold you to the modern-day leaders who would change the world.”

He told the young leaders that he is very proud of them for their success in the program.

“You have arrived and now it’s time to maximize your true potential. As you move forward with your newfound leadership skills and training, do so with your head held high. This is a defining moment designed just for you. Your life matters and your leadership from this point forward matters.”

The guest speaker for the event was Tosin Komolafe, an alumnus and vice president of the Rulers House International Ministry (House of Kings). He graduated from the AUN Computer Science program in 2012. The serial entrepreneur, who is also an IT consultant and communicator, told the graduates that being an authority in leadership requires more than they have gotten but they have started well by building the foundation.

“Now that you have finished the ELA program, you may think you have gotten all the necessary skills to be a leader. That is not enough. This ELA program is just an introduction, expose you to knowledge and information, and to build certain basic values in you.”

Mr. Komolafe said there are certain must-do actions they must take to support a strong leadership career. He cited seeing the organization's big picture as one such action. Another is to familiarize oneself with the politics in that organization.

He also stressed the place of building their circle of influence in leadership.

All the graduates from the program received certificates from President Dekle.