EARTH Week Documentary: My Thoughts

EARTH Week Documentary: My Thoughts

Our world is changing, and not in a good way. The current estimate of the global human population is 7.7 billion.

This alarming number, with limited access to resources, more environmental degradation, and climate change occurrence at a faster pace is inextricable. That is why AUN as part of its mission as a development university commits to community service and has made climate change campaigns a priority in its yearly agenda.

This year’s earth week theme centered on endangered species and it is in that spirit that president Dawn Dekle decided to organize a documentary screening here on campus.

Everybody was invited, and that showed in the number of people who gathered in the auditorium. The president said that she hoped the viewers would leave the room with a different outlook on how some of their activities could be directly harmful to ecosystems and that viewers would be more environmentally conscious.

Among the dignitaries at the event was Jennifer Che, who is the coordinator of the Office of Sustainability and the organizer of Earth Day. She expressed her gratitude to the people who showed up and gave a quick lecture on how human actions can directly or indirectly damage food chains and ecosystems. “I always say this to my NES students,” she said. “Your actions always have direct influences on a lot more than you think”.

“I think that AUN is more environmentally conscious than it was before,” said Maryam Abdulkadir, final year ICP major and president of STARS Club. Although I would like to see students incorporate sustainability into their lives rather than it being a trend or activity.

Maryam said that she admired the work Jennifer Che has put into sustainability in AUN and hopes that more people would be as influenced by Che as she was.


Reported by Zulqarnain Mahmood