Early Learning Center Celebrates Cultural Diversity

Early Learning Center Celebrates Cultural Diversity

On November 27, the Early Learning Center celebrated the diverse cultures and traditions of Nigeria.

The children of the Center donned Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, and Bachama traditional attires to mark the Cultural Day.

There were also traditional delicacies on display, dishes like Ofada rice, ewedu, egusi, pounded yam, jollof rice, fura and massa made by parents to represent their different tribes.

“The importance of culture in a society cannot be overemphasized.  It is the norm and values of the culture that makes up an individual said Mrs. Rose Clarkson, Supervisor of AUN Charter Schools, adding that culture must be preserved for generations. "If we want our future leaders to identify themselves, we have to pass down these cultures."

Supervisor of the Learning Center, Mrs. Etido Usoh, described the event as an avenue for different people of different cultures to see the need to coexist as one. "We can do everything together irrespective of our tribes or where we are coming from because we are one."

Administrator of AUN Schools, Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu, thanked parents for their constant support towards the school. She encouraged them to uphold their culture and constantly instill the values and norms of tradition in the young ones from the very tender age. "Our culture must not die, so wherever we are in the world, we must never forget our roots."

Mrs. Sumaiya Almansur, a parent who attended the cultural day for the first time, said it is a very important event ‘since other foreign cultures are invading our society.’ She also applauded the idea of portraying different cultures. "It was exciting; I saw other cultures and tasted food that I had never seen before."

Another parent, Mrs. Nike Oyowo, who was dressed in buba and iro, the Yoruba traditional attire, said she had a wonderful time. “I tasted Hausa food which I enjoyed."

Reported by Tina Bitrus