Dr. Zangina on Contemporary Issues for Muslim Students

Dr. Zangina on Contemporary Issues for Muslim Students

On February 10, the Principal of Iqraa Secondary School, Yola, Dr. Umar Zangina, shared his knowledge and experiences with the AUN Muslim community.

Zangina, highly educated in both the Islamic and western spheres of academia, shared insights into issues surrounding today’s Muslim youth and proffered solutions to problems with the history of one of the greatest companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“Umar bin Khattab R.A., the acclaimed companion, was known to be fierce, straight-forward, and very hot-tempered,” explained Zangina. “But he was also highly intellectual, innovative, and one of the most prominent leaders of the Muslim ummah.”

Umar’s hot temper became the topic of conversations resulting in the question of whether Muslims today should emulate him as the faithful are advised to copy companions of the prophet.

“No, not really,” said Zangina, “Umar’s hot temper resulted from his upbringing, his and his insolent society; it was unique to him. Zangina advised that the AUN Muslim community should instead emulate the companion’s qualities of generosity, leadership, innovation, and piety.


Reported by Zulqarnain Mahmood