Dorm Tutoring: Product of Writing Center, Reslife Collabo

Dorm Tutoring: Product of Writing Center, Reslife Collabo

In Fall 2018, the Writing Center sought collaboration with Reslife (Residence Life unit of Student Affairs) on dorm tutoring, a new initiative.

Through this pioneering project, the student tutors would hold their evening shifts in the designated space at Aisha Kande Residence Hall for one week. This development provided an avenue for students from all dorms to have easier and closer access to the tutors as opposed to the conventional office setting deemed the norm.

The experience was a new and welcome one. It did not only take professional tutoring services closer to the students but also provided an even more relaxed atmosphere, in the comfort of the dorm. The merging of comfort and work was as effective as it was beneficial for both tutors and students. Engagements were less strained as students would have completed their classes for the day, and dialogue about compositions or error detection strategies were more insightful and rewarding.

Students hoped this development would be sustained and even extended to other dorms on a rotational basis. The Writing Center thanks Mr. Abdullahi Bello and his team for facilitating the program, and this spring, we are happy that the partnership with Reslife for outstanding learning experiences will continue.

Reported by Edward Rajah, Writing Center Lead Tutor