Does English Grammar Really Matter?

Does English Grammar Really Matter?

Grammar matters and the applications of its rules vary from informal conversations to professional communication and from friendly text messages to official emails or letters.

Grammar is one of the most important elements in the study of the English language, and for academic writing, this understanding is critical.

Imagine trying to build a wooden house without any nails or screws. How would the structure hold together? It wouldn’t, as everything would crumble to the dismay of the owners. That’s exactly what it’s like speaking in English without understanding the accurate grammatical conventions. Each sentence would not only be frustrating for the writer or speaker but it would also be confusing for the reader or listener.

So, how important is English grammar?

The meaning and enjoyment of a sentence can be lost in poor grammar. Learning grammar is extremely important if you need to build your sentence-level skills and effectively communicate in the English language at any advanced educational level or in the workforce.

Practical workshops on grammar also enhance accuracy and fluency in the language concerned. Correct grammar is your key to writing and speaking English fluently and confidently. Knowing your grammar will help you check avoidable errors.

While English grammar can seem daunting at times, learning to understand and using it correctly is incredibly rewarding. With commitment and interest, it can be an absorbing and even exciting aspect of learning the English language.

At AUN, Grammar Experience sessions are geared towards the realization of all the above and the student community is encouraged to attend and participate.

Reported by Chinyelu Uzodinma, WAC Coordinator, Writing Center