Dike Chukwumerije’s Unity-themed Made in Nigeria Thrills and Teaches

Made in Nigeria is a combination of theater, comedy, and spoken word, depicted through thrilling performances.

It comprises 20 theoretical poems, linked by narration, music, dance, and drama connected to the story of defining moments in Nigeria’s history from the time of amalgamation in 1914.

It was billed as an evening of art and fun and it did not disappoint. Students who trooped to watch Dike Chukwumerije’s Made in Nigeria performance in the library auditorium on April 7 were rewarded with stirring artistic genres served in nourishing patriotic flavor.

Mr. Chukwumerije is one of Nigeria's finest contemporary poets and award-winning authors whose expertise in performance poetry has attracted invitations across the country.

“This is a spoken word theatre production where we talk about our history as a nation, about the issues that plague us. We do it through poetry, dance, and drama. We are dealing with very serious issues as a nation. We live in a time when our nation is deeply divided and polarized.

“Our country needs a generation of people who would stand up for the nation. And there is no better generation that can do it better than ours because unlike our parents, we are Nigerians. It may be that our parents were born in their places of origin, but we are mostly a generation that comes from one place but we’re born in another place. You went to school somewhere else, you have friends somewhere else.

“Therefore, the concept of Nigeria is not strange to you. So, we need voices like yours (for whom Nigeria is a social reality), to speak up and say that this is my country.”

The performances were also illustrations of experiences, histories, stories, songs, trauma, and aspirations that Nigerians have been able to succumb over the years that had passed by.

Reported by Bashir I. Bashir