Dean Bullock to New Students: ‘Don’t Rest on Your Success’

Dean Bullock to New Students: ‘Don’t Rest on Your Success’

John Legend’s immortal line, “The future started yesterday and you are already late,” came in handy for VP for Campus Life, Dean Byron Bullock, at the January 21 matriculation ceremony.

The Dean of Students told the new students that as they move forward, they should not be afraid to make big decisions and take big steps.

“No matter how high you soar or how successful you become, do not rest on your success. Nelson Mandela never rested on his success.  Don’t be afraid to be big. You have to be big enough to do big things that will make a difference. Stop dwelling in the minor and dwell in the big leagues.”

Dean Bullock encouraged the students to move out of their comfort zone and get to know people who think differently or who come from different environments.

“You will never know how great and powerful they are if you don’t take an opportunity to enlarge your territory. Get to know people. Reach out and network with those who are trying to move in that direction that you are.”

He also encouraged them to keep track of their time and use it wisely.

“As you move forward, never lose sight on the one gift that you are given every day. And that is the gift of time. At the beginning of each week, you get 168 precious hours. You can either control that time that you are given or that time will control you.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa