Computer, Software Students Tour Hi-tech Firm

Computer, Software Students Tour Hi-tech Firm

On their field day on November 19, students of Systems Programming (CSC 301) went on  an industrial tour of AJISAQ Limited, an automation company in Yola.

This hi-tech company which was established in 2017, specializes in deploying emerging technologies for community problems.

“Our vision is to be among the top 10 technologically innovative companies in Africa by 2030,” said the Secretary, Bashiru Sa’ad, while welcoming the students. Mr. Sa’ad added that their door is open to students who want to do internships.

The course instructor who led the students on tour, Dr. Abel Ajibesin, said the industrial tour is a course requirement and that students are expected to submit a report on their personal experiences during the tour.

Dr. Ajibesin said the essence of the tour was to familiarize them with real life applications of what they learn in class.

“What this company does is related to what our students learn in this course.”

Dr. Ajibesin said the company recruited two students from AUN who studied Software Engineering and Computer Science when they started operation last year.

For many of the 14 students on tour, it was their first time seeing  a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) device, a machine that is used to produce printed circuit board (PCB).

The Chief Creative Officer, Ahmed Tijjani, made a presentation at the laboratory about the company’s innovative products. Among the products are a magic switch and an intelligent cable theft detector. The two are already patented.

The students also watched a demo of a self-driven vehicle being developed for the military. This car can drive itself, based on instructions programmed into it.

“This company inspires me,” said Inagbe Tamuno, who added that he likes the fact that the company has made so much progress in less than two years. “I want to start up something, so it has convinced me that startups can be successful.”

Another inspired student, Ikenna Joe-Nweke, never knew such a sophisticated company existed in Yola. He is already thinking of working closely with the company to share ideas with them as he prepares for his Students Design Project (SDP) next semester.

“I think it is something many startups should emulate.”

As for Mirian Fonkam, she has made up her mind to do some volunteer work with the company in order to gain industry experience.


Reported Omorogbe Omorogiuwa