Career Club On Conduct and Professionalism

Career Club On Conduct and Professionalism

During a talk show aired on AUN Radio on April 5, the Career Club proffered insightful tips on appropriate professional conduct in a workplace.

The discussion stressed the need for an individual to create good first impressions and strive for excellence.

It is also important to be respectful to coworkers, be trustworthy and accountable, possess good communication skills, and observe the appropriate dress code and basic etiquette in a professional environment.

Presenter Vanessa Williams, a Politics & International Studies major and President of Career Club said the tips would come in handy as students prepared for the upcoming AUN Career and Graduate Fair.

"These tips should serve as a rule of thumb for individuals seeking jobs or internship as well as for employees."

She also said that applying them will go a long way in improving the professional input and value of an individual. "When you bring a certain quality to your work, it stands you out."

Co-presenter Mohammed Bukar, a CMD major, emphasized that these tips could be further applied in a non-professional environment. "You are required to show some level of respect for individuals that you come across daily."

He also encouraged constant self-improvement and keeping an open mind to learning new things. "Everyone makes mistakes. What makes the difference is making sure to correct those mistakes and never making the same ones twice."


Reported by Tina Bitrus