Breaking Down Science and Painting Powerful Visuals – Peter Arte’s Story

Breaking Down Science and Painting Powerful Visuals – Peter Arte’s Story

Inspired by the Made In Nigeria stage performance by the award-winning spoken word artiste, Dike Chukwumerije, AUN’s Peter Nwankwor quickly sketched Dike’s replica within an hour using a bare marker and sketchpad.

The sophomore and Petroleum Chemistry major, who bears the artistic moniker Peter Arte, has been in love with visual arts since preschool. This acrylic/canvas painter is not limited by his dreams of becoming an engineer in the future, working in the oil & gas sector. Constantly he aims to rediscover and reinvent his talents.

Peter’s visuals draw his audiences in, compelling them to introspectively rethink, question, and empathetically connect with the body of art.

“Art keeps my sanity. As an artist, I often find myself fascinated by Dike’s artistry. I have already pitched to his art agency--Simply Poetry Nigeria--to paint the backdrop for their stage performances.”

Combining undergraduate studies in science and pursuing an artistic passion has its challenges, but with a liberal arts education offered in AUN, such multi-talented individuals as Peter are encouraged to fully express their unique callings.

Last year, Peter was nominated under the Visual Art category for the Nigerian Teen Choice Award--a popular award by Nelz Global concept. The award was introduced in 2012 as a platform to recognize, encourage, and reward outstanding teenagers and youths who have made a positive impact in Nigeria.

“I was also featured on a short film produced by an AUN student. I was the Director of Arts and Craft Committee, and also Director of the Writing Committee - all of which are under the Creativity Club.”

As a transfer student from Australia, Peter believes, “AUN presents one with more opportunities, which is why AUN stands out in Nigeria.”

Find more of his work on Instagram @Peterarte.

Reported by Nelly Ating