BoT Admits Outstanding Parent, Usman Muhammad Wuro Chekke

BoT Admits Outstanding Parent, Usman Muhammad Wuro Chekke

AUN Trustees voted recently to admit an outstanding Yola parent into its fold.

Alhaji Usman Muhammad Wuro Chekke, after whom a classroom was named last year, has seen five children through AUN and is said to nurse plans to send in more. He is a candidate of President Dekle who described the new Trustee in glowing terms.

“Over the past two years of my time in Nigeria, he has been an invaluable support to me as President and been engaged with AUN,” Dr. Dekle said to our team.

“He is a regular visitor to campus and to our events and he is part of the AUN family. I believe he will make substantial contributions to the AUN Board of Trustees.”

Dr. Dekle added that Alhaji Wuro Chekke is a proud supporter of AUN and has a strong stake in its success.

After Prof. Gilbert Bukenya’s son graduated from AUN in May 2017 followed by Dr. Enyantu Ifenne’s daughter in May 2018, Alhaji Wuro Chekke is the next Trustee-Parent. President Dekle believes that since the new member lives in Yola, he will bring the local experience, “which is also missing in our representation on the Board.”

Twice a Commissioner in Adamawa State (2007 and 2009), Alhaji Wuro Chekke earned degrees from Ahmadu Bello University (BSc, Economics, 1980) and from the University of Surrey, England (PGD, Economics and Development, 1987; MSc, Energy Economics, 1989).

Upon returning to Nigeria, he taught at the College of Arts & Sciences, Victoria Island, Lagos, before joining the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), where he remained until 1998, having served at various times as a Depot Manager, Commercial Manager, and Administrative Manager.

Reported by Innocent Nwobodo