AVP Nourah Bamalli: HR Plays Huge Role in Corporate Legal Framework

AVP Nourah Bamalli: HR Plays Huge Role in Corporate Legal Framework

The AVP of HR & Planning, Nourah Bamalli, has described the relationship between the Human Resource Management and legal advisory of an organization as complementary in their job functions of achieving compliance within the workforce and reducing risks in the interest of the organization. 


"The consensus as to whether HR practitioners should study law or legal practitioners should study HR amounts to the fact that the knowledge of law and HR for both practitioners come as an added advantage."


Mr. Bamalli made this assertion in a SoL seminar on May 3 where he outlined the responsibilities of HR which he said has evolved since its emergence in the late eighteenth century after the industrial revolution. President Dekle, VP of Finance and Administration Olanipekun Olanrewaju were among the senior management staff who graced the event in Washington Hall.


“The essential role of HR is to manage, create, implement and supervise policies and regulations that are mandatory for every employee and this can be achieved through a legal framework governing the development of an organization. It also oversees employees’ health, safety, productive capacity, manages disciplinary cases and administration of benefits”.


He said HR is now a partner in progress in every organization that deals with new challenges like managing different diversities, personalities, and generations, the need for virtual offices, flexibility in working hours, elimination and introduction of new positions as well as engagement of robots.   "It is a big problem managing different people so we try to come up with a template that helps streamline these differences and try to see that the work frame is a bit liberalized."


"While the legal department is concerned with protecting the organization, HR is concerned with the people being hired", he said.


AUN's in-house lawyer and Secretary to the Board, Barrister Idi Ali, who commended the presentation, said the knowledge of HR is very important in the field of law. "I had to learn HR through litigation and settling, so I encourage the School of Law to do a lot of research in the relationship between HR and Law because I've seen a lot of contracts with these issues."


He also said the knowledge of HR would help students in the future. "These are areas to which students should pay attention so that they could do better out there and save their clients a lot of money.


Reported by Tina Bitrus