AUN, the Pathway for Future Leaders: Provost Kah

AUN, the Pathway for Future Leaders: Provost Kah

Welcoming new students and parents to the spring 2019 orientation on January 17, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs, Professor Muhammadou Kah, said AUN prepares students for leadership roles.

He said the university’s deliberate policy of recruiting faculty  from far and wide is geared towards preparing students to become change agents, political and business leaders in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond.

“AUN will provide for you and your peers quality education similar to what prevails in reputable universities across the country and abroad. Enter AUN to become better and come out better, more productive citizens in the service of this great nation.”

He assured them that upon graduation they will have the confidence to compete favorably and be counted among reputable leaders who will serve across the country and globally.

“You will be continually challenged to optimize your potentials, attain maturity with consciousness, and come out prepared with the requisite skills,tools of the 21st-century and competencies in your chosen degree programs.”

AUN operates an American higher education curriculum that is anchored on the liberal arts. Students are expected to enroll in general education courses, different from their majors.

“We prepare our students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills through our curricular and extracurricular activities…with an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude to create  successful companies.”

Reiterating AUN’s student-centered approach to teaching and learning, Professor Kah said, “The greatness of AUN does not only depend on the quality of our diverse degree programs or our faculty or this beautiful infrastructure but also the motivation, dedication, and hard work of you, the student. We are optimistic that you will become some of the architects and leaders of a brighter Nigeria as envisioned by the AUN founder.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa