AUN Security in anti-Sexual Harassment Seminar

AUN Security in anti-Sexual Harassment Seminar

Sexual harassment happens everywhere and many companies have policies against it , AUN is no exception.

That is according to the Assistant Vice President of Security & Safety, Dr. Lionel von Frederick Rawlins, who was speaking to security operatives on January 30th. The occasion was a refresher seminar held to sensitize on harassment and misconduct. Dr. Lionel reckons the phenomenon is prevalent in modern society. Many people do not know what it means, he added, showing multiple videos that illustrated what malpractice entails and how it occurs.

From research, 79 percent of people who are sexually harassed are women. He went on to give different behaviors associated with sexual harassment such as dominant behavior and strategic or territorial harassment.

Other parts of his presentation touched on how to prevent sexual harassment, common effects on victims and the effect on the organization. He cited anger, annoyance, and embarrassment as some of the impacts of harassment for victims.

Dr. Rawlins cautioned that when a lady turns down any sexual advances, the man should respect her position. He said when a lady smiles when sexually harassed, it does not always mean she likes it or has given her consent. The lady could have acted under fear of either losing her job or not being promoted.

He went on to advise targets to report any case of such harassment to the authorities. “You are in the 21st century. No man can rape you, not even your husband.”

Principal Security Supervisor, Ngurteino Bongi, who also spoke on the topic, said the seminar was organized for all staff so as to prevent the occurrence.

She observed that sexual harassment, which can happen between persons of same sex, does not only occur in the workplace, but also in the school environment, homes, and worship centers. She said it can be prevented by speaking out and encouraged parents to create an atmosphere for children to not be afraid of talking about it.

“Sexual harassment may not be just sleeping with someone. It could be just touching somebody in ways that are uncomfortable for the person touched or the kind of comment you make. If somebody does not like the comment you are making about him/her, desist from doing so.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa