AUN’s Founding Philosophy

AUN’s Founding Philosophy

On January 31, Provost Muhammadou Kah addressed graduate students on the founding philosophy of AUN programs: to develop the next generation of competent leadership in any discipline.

Prof. Kah said a common thread of the AUN faculty is that they all graduated from the world’s best universities.

“We also pride ourselves in the quality of education that you will be receiving here. This is a university that is endowed with highly competent and diverse and experienced faculty who come from afar, whether from Nigeria or abroad.”

The provost maintained that the AUN graduate school program was designed to be comparable with other graduate schools offering a world-class education.

“The fact that you find yourself here at AUN means that we find you competent and excellent enough to go through a rigorous master’s or Ph.D. program.”

This is why he emphasized that they need to take advantage of the learning resources. He said the university’s expectation of them is to be participants in their learning.

“We are not interested in just giving you a certificate. It is not just about getting a piece of paper, or a master’s degree or a Ph.D. We expect you to be participants in your own learning. You have to be curious, restless, and relentless in your effort to pursue knowledge in your respective discipline.

Prof. Kah encouraged students to do the necessary so that they can acquire the competencies that are expected. “It’s not just about getting a degree. It’s about being confident in the competencies and skills of the degree.”

He maintained that AUN is a university of repute and has the human and physical resources that can transform them.

“Our expectation is not less than what is expected in the world’s best universities. There is no excuse not to perform well being here. You have everything here to acquire the competencies, the skills, and the learning outcome of your Master’s and Ph.D. programs.”

AUN has the largest digital resources in the country. From 24-hour electricity and internet connectivity to the provision of a learning environment that includes the opportunity to have direct and intimate access to the professors. The learning infrastructure that AUN provides is all-encompassing. He told them to make the best use of it

“You are fortunate that you are coming to a world-class modern learning infrastructure where there is an abundance of intellectual resources, not only at the human level but also at the physical level.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa