AUN's Focus is Development, President Dekle Tells New Students

AUN's Focus is Development, President Dekle Tells New Students

As the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, according to the Holy Writ, the choice of AUN is the beginning of adulthood. 

President Dekle, who welcomed new students with their parents, on August 29, 2019, said, "Choosing AUN was one of the first adult decisions that you made. It is the beginning of your adulthood, the beginning of whom you are going to be. We are here to make sure that that development continues."

She went on to emphasize the focus of AUN as the development "of our community and our students."

At the Library Auditorium where nearly 200 newcomers were seated, the President said, "What we try to teach you is called navigational capital. How can you navigate your university experience and you take those skills, and you navigate your post-university experience?"

She added that AUN is not a place where students are just taught, it is rather a place where they are transformed and, at the end of four or five years, come out different. "You should be a changed person…, more educated and more elegant person."

What is equally important in the transformation process is paying attention to how students are engaged outside the classroom. She said the Residence Halls are more than just a place to go to sleep at night.

"In our residence halls, we have active living-learning communities. This is not just the place where you will take a shower and sleep at night. This is the place where you would learn so much about yourself, so much about your classmates and it will complement what happens in the classroom."

She said a critical part of that transformation is making them have an entrepreneurial mindset, become thought leaders and engaged citizens.

She added that the transformation starts with the words that they speak.

Besides the words they speak, she said their attitude can also make their lives become masterpieces.

"It is about teamwork. It is not about being outstanding; it is about standing out… It is not about being a face in the crowd; it is about whom the crowd faces – you. It is not about what to think, it's about how to think and apply that thinking to solving problems."

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa