AUN Hotel Receives Award from

AUN Hotel Receives Award from

On March 18, AUN Hotel celebrated The Guest Review Award 2018 that it received from It was a rating of 8.1 on a 10.0 scale by customers.

“I think it is in recognition of the effort that our staff is putting into work,” said the General Manager of the Hotel, Gabriel Fuster. 

He added that the achievement shows that they are improving customer satisfaction.

“It is a reflection that our customers are happy and that our HR department is doing training with our employees.”

The award was accompanied by a congratulatory letter. VP of Partner & Customer Services, James Waters, wrote that the award is a great achievement as the review score is one of the highest on

“Delivering such an incredible experience to your guests is the result of dedication, passion and a lot of hard work.”

Head of Human Resources of the Hotel, Eyitayo Ayoola, said the award shows the effectiveness of HR in an organization. He noted that the award was based on the ratings of previous customers of the Hotel.

“They are saying they like our service here. I think we should be proud of that. And I think it is worth recognizing that we are doing something which is right.”

Mr. Ayoola said that the award is not about the facilities of the Hotel but its customer service.

“It shows that our employees are doing well because when we talk about customer service, it is people who render this service. How responsive are they to them when they ask for something, how honest because there are several times that our guests left hard currencies in the room, some have forgotten expensive rings, wrist watches, so these are the people who go online to make the reviews.”

“The more we train them, the more they are more responsive to guests’ needs and the more quality service they deliver to our guests.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa