AUN Football Team for Next NPUGA

The campaign for the next Nigeria Private University Games (NPUGA), has begun in earnest with the AUN Head Coach, Sadiq Yahaya, promising to fortify the Stallions FC for the coming outing.

Before coming to AUN, the seasoned tactician worked with several teams with an excellent win record.

Although the biennial competition will be held in December, he said there is a need to start preparing early. At the last competition which took place in December 2017 at Abuja, the AUN team won many laurels but not in football. He said the team experienced fatigue and as a strategy to prevent a repeat performance, they need to start preparing early.

The certified referee said he plans to start training the team on new tactics so that they will be very formidable. He added, however, that they will schedule training in a way that does not affect the academic performance of the students.

“We are going to do a lot of ball works and we will be playing friendly matches.”

Mr. Yahaya told the players that they are representing the entire AUN in the competition and encouraged them to be committed to their training. His plan to have a schedule of training is also such that it does not clash their intramural sports club. He called for discipline in the team, asking the players to ensure that they notify him if  they are unable to attend scheduled trainings.

His hopes are very high. This is why he wants them to see themselves as worthy ambassadors and be committed to training. It is his ambition, he said, “that in the coming tournament, they will come out victorious.”

“You have to prepare for any challenge. We hope to reach the finals and claim the trophy to bring to AUN.”

Assistant Coach, Afeez Bakare, said he believes that the team is committed to playing this semester. He told members of the team that there is a need to have a definite style of football as against the ‘anything that works’ style of play they adopted during the last semester. “We should have our own customized way of doing things.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa