AUN Exceeds my Expectations, says Samuel Akor from Cameroon

AUN Exceeds my Expectations, says Samuel Akor from Cameroon

On September 3, new students took the AUN Community Pledge.

This event formally inducts them to become members of the AUN learning community. Some of the new students shared their thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

Finance major and a graduate of Sacred Heart College, Mankon, Cameroon, Samuel Akor, said what he sees in AUN far exceeds his imagination.

"What I want for myself is the best. From what I've seen so far, AUN is good enough, and it is beyond what I expected. I'm convinced AUN will meet up with all my expectations as the years go by." Samuel confirmed he made the right decision to come here.

ICP major and a graduate of Noble Heights College, Abuja, Adanna Obiakor, expressed her delight to study at Africa’s most beautiful campus.

"It's been wonderful since I came here. I believe when I'm done from here, I expect to be ready to meet with the outside world, ready to face it and become someone great. I believe AUN will meet up with every single one of my expectations; it has started, and I believe it will continue."

Natural and Environmental Science major and graduate of Federal Government Girls College, Owerri, commended AUN for its organizational efficiency.

"I love the way people work around here, and I am impressed with how they keep to time. I believe when I am done with this phase of life, I will be ready to conquer the world. I believe AUN will meet up with my expectations because I have had the opportunity to interact with the students and I know the lecturers and professors are very capable."

First-year Law major and graduate of Westerfield College, Lagos, Preye Glory Alubeze, said she is desirous and looks forward to being one of the best graduating students.

"I want to be part of the very best. This orientation has encouraged me the more because the imagination of the graduation is motivating. Also, the facilities I have seen so far in AUN are mind-blowing."

Stephen Simeon from Crest International Secondary school Nasarawa State said he chose AUN because of what he has heard about it.

"I believe that I will be graduating with an outstanding degree from AUN which will give me a job to support myself and family in the future."

AUN Academy graduate Josiah Gideon said one of the convincing factors to school in AUN was his sister who currently schools here.

"I choose AUN also because my dad is very fond of this university; he believes it has all I need for learning and I won't lack anything for studies. I believe I will graduate from AUN with good grades because from the orientation we had, and I gained knowledge on the multiple support systems to succeed."


Reported by Celine Augustine