AUN Employee Hall of Fame

AUN Employee Hall of Fame

On November 24, during the 13th Founder’s Day, 10 out of 250 nominees received the 2018 Outstanding Staff Award.

Below are the citations on the star employees:

Gabriel Eba Adagba

Gabriel, who hails from Cross River State, joined AUN in 2014 as a custodian in the Facilities Management. In 2016, he was promoted to Senior Custodian. Before AUN, he had worked with Julius Berger, a German construction company based in Nigeria. At AUN, he is responsible for building maintenance and repair functions. On the job, he independently carries out routine decisions, sustaining long periods of heavy physical activity, and working harmoniously with others. He is known for his capability, dedication, and commitment to work--the reason he is assigned to one of AUN’s state-of-the-art buildings, the Robert Pastor Library & E-Learning Center. Being a solution-oriented person, Gabriel approaches his daily work with a “can do” attitude.


Mika’ilu Malkohi

Mika’ilu, who hails from Adamawa State, joined AUN in 2016 as a Diesel Clerk in the Finance Department. He has demonstrated enormous commitment, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. His meticulous approach to work is responsible for stabilizing both AUN diesel consumption levels and  billings from public power supply. These efforts have contributed to enormous savings for the university. Mika’ilu has excellent organizational skills, is a gallant and energetic young man, and relates well with colleagues.


Dashik David Senyen

Dashik, who hails from Plateau State, joined AUN in 2013 as a Senior Internal Auditor. He has been a Principal Internal Auditor since 2015. Especially meticulous in the internal control mechanism, which secures the university, He is highly dedicated to his work. He has excellent attention to detail and excellent investigative and reporting skills. He is dependable, reliable, highly principled, and does not compromise professional standards. He is always willing to learn and makes himself available at any time, including odd hours, when called upon for official functions.


Chukwuemeka Patrick Abbey

Patrick, who hails from Anambra State, joined AUN in 2014 as a Physics Lab Technologist in the School of Arts & Sciences. One of Patrick’s responsibilities is to assist students during laboratory works, a duty about which he is passionate. Since joining AUN, he has not only supported and guided students in laboratory assignments, but also takes part in actively assisting in writing lab manuals, procedures, and safety instructions. In addition, Patrick volunteers as a tutor in AUN 101 (University success course).


Bamanga Raji Aliyu

Raji, who hails from Adamawa State, joined AUN in 2011 as a driver. Promoted to Senior Driver, he is a highly skilled professional in his work, which he does with great commitment and dedication. Many employees in the community, especially expats, appreciate his great interest in learning to speak and write English. Raji admitted that he learned much of his English only after his employment and interactions at AUN. Raji reciprocates the expats’ gesture by teaching them basic Hausa and Fulfulde greetings. The safety and comfort of his passengers are a top priority for him, especially during weekend shopping trips. Raji believes in cost-saving and effective management of resources.


Ms. Alice Ishanga Odey

Alice, a nurse with the Health Center, hails from Cross River State. She joined AUN in 2016. Alice is meticulous in her duties as a nurse and relates very well with patients. She liaises between AUN and the Primary Health Center for the supply of vaccines for the university community. She has contributed to client satisfaction, both in students and employees. Alice has put in additional effort to learn how to speak the local language to relate well with patients. She brings in innovative ideas to the clinic and maintains excellence in the way she carries out her work.


Vigo Augustine Teru

Vigo is an indigene of Adamawa State and an alumnus of the American University of Nigeria. He joined AUN as a Network Engineer in 2011 and rose through the ranks to become Network Manager. Vigo is a well-known name on campus and the AUN community as a whole when it comes to identifying and fixing network challenges. As a network engineer, Vigo sets up, develops, and maintains the university computer networks within and between the AUN divisions. Vigo is always ensuring the integrity and availability of the network, to provide maximum performance.


Idris Ibrahim Isah

Idris from Kano State is the Northwest Regional Admissions Representative in Kano. He joined AUN in 2016. Idris is proactive and passion-driven to meet the recruitment target of the University. Idris always puts in extra effort to visit schools and parents to discuss the vision and mission of AUN. Idris has enhanced the ideas of continuous student engagement, raising awareness of AUN with students, families, and school counselors through open houses. Both students and parents describe Idris as a great representation of AUN, who approaches his work with a smile, sense of humor, and professionalism.


Igbinoba Amoefe Sampson

Sampson, an indigene of Delta State, joined AUN in 2014 as Security III Officer. With his BSc degree in Biochemistry, over the years, Sampson developed his skills and competencies, and when the opportunity prevailed, he was identified and transferred to the Office of Institutional Research as Project Coordinator in 2015. In this role, Sampson ensures that the university community gets updates with reliable information to carry out its mission effectively and efficiently. The university is adequately represented to external agencies. While handling the analyses for specialized accreditation needs and rendering support to all academic units, Sampson has also assisted tremendously in managing the Bole Project, which is a farming initiative of AUN targeted at empowering Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).


Clayton Ammadidon

Clayton, an indigene of Adamawa State, joined AUN in 2014 as a Security Officer II. Clayton values integrity and honesty as a virtue, given the nature of his work as a security officer. Recently, Clayton found a wallet belonging to an expatriate visiting one of the university premises. It contained US dollars. Not minding the current economic hardship, Clayton declared and accordingly reported and handed over the wallet with the contents, ensuring it reached the rightful owner.