‘AUN Could Be the First Varsity to Deploy E-Buses’

‘AUN Could Be the First Varsity to Deploy E-Buses’

AUN could be ‘the first university in the world’ to deploy a digital bus stop within its campus and ‘the first in Africa to deploy electric buses’.

Leading a delegation of two from PACETRIC, the Managing Director, Adeyemo Opeyemi, who made these assertions in Yola on May 8, said his company ‘develops sustainable transportation infrastructure across Africa’.

“We operate electric buses to serve as shuttles across institutions in Africa. We also manage the fleet of electric buses to ensure they deliver effective and reliable mobility,” he said in a meeting with the AUN Finance Division.

According to him, they adopt various mobile technologies like digital bus stops and the shuttle app in delivering mobility.

“We are trying to make it easy for institutions to transition to sustainable mobility. The major challenge in the world today is that the technology is expensive. That is why cities are having a hard time including them in their fleet.”

He listed the benefits that the university community stands to gain from the project to include improved efficiency and promotion of sustainability. He said cities like London have deployed e-transport already.

“But if AUN accepts the concept, it will be ‘the first university in the world’ to deploy a digital bus stop within its campus,” claimed Mr. Opeyemi.

His colleague and Director of Technology & Research, Daniel Adeyemi, said there is a carbon meter that tracks carbon emission.  Other features are an app that can be installed on users’ smartphone that can help them to know when the next board arrives, the proximity of the bus, the space capacity, etc. There is also a digital screen that will display the basic information at each bus stop.

The team’s visitation to campus was facilitated by the Director of Development, Sameer Yeshwanth, as a fallout of their meetings in Lagos. He said the idea of AUN being the first university to deploy it anywhere in the world is prestigious should we buy into the project.

The Vice President of Finance & Administration, Olanipekun Olanrewaju, praised the team for its initiative. He said it is a good development and he loves the concept.  

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa