AUN Campus Store Rewards Loyal Customers

AUN Campus Store Rewards Loyal Customers

The AUN Campus Store held special sales on December 7 targeted at rewarding loyal customers.

The event allowed members of faculty, staff and students buy goods at discounted prices.

Senior Manager, Retail and Business Services, in charge of the Store, Tunde Animashaun, said customers at the special sales were served free cups of tea. "We have five, 10, or 15 percent discounts which we have shuffled in a box. They are sealed, after customers have a cup of tea, then they can try their luck by picking a discount tag from a lucky dip. Whatever anyone picks is the value of his or her discount, and they would enjoy that discount on all purchases for the special day.”

He also mentioned that there were other items with a hefty 20 percent price slash. “We wanted to be sure that we are doing this to appreciate customer loyalty for 2018.”

After buying a laundry basket, foil paper, and Vaseline, Senior Residence Director, Rukayat Jimoh, said, “I must commend the Store management; it knows how to sell, and how to get people to come out and get what they need...Ordinarily, most of us would not have come here to buy, but with this everybody is picking one or two things and we will have this store empty.”

A Senior Internal Auditor, Dashik D. Senyen, said that customer relations and satisfaction are essential, besides profit-making. “It’s a brilliant idea; it motivates people to patronize the business and keep the system moving. It is also a way of giving back to the customer.”

Reported by Chiedozie Joseph