AUN Admissions Team in Cameroon for Marketing, Recruitment

AUN Admissions Team in Cameroon for Marketing, Recruitment

The Office of Admissions has relaunched its recruitment campaign in Cameroon, a country which AUN recruited from during the inaugural year of 2005 and lastly, in June 2012. 

The renewed effort is driven by the Vice President of University Relations, Dr. Abba Tahir; Senior Director of PR & Marketing, Yusuf Mohammed, and Associate Director of Admissions, Usman Isa, and mainly covered the port city of Douala and Yaounde, the capital.

The renewed campaign involved school visitations, open house meetings with potential parents, prospective students, recruiting agencies, media interviews, engagement with government leaders, and participation at ‘Campus Du Monde, the annual international university fair in Douala. 

The university fair which drew various institutions from West, East, and Central Africa had only AUN among private universities participating from Nigeria. 

AUN alumni who are resident in Cameroon helped in facilitating the logistics of the recruitment campaign. 

They include Abdul-Rauf Sali, Adamou S. Goni, Mohammed Al-Amin, Ms. Aminatou Baka of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and Mr. Asobo Fonkam, who works at Cameroon Telecoms. 

Nana Bello of the Cameroun Health Insurance Fund, who visited the AUN campus in summer 2019, facilitated most of the appointments and engagements of the AUN delegation in Yaounde. 

On October 11, the AUN delegation was hosted by the Minister for Employment and Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma, where both parties discussed the potential for government scholarships and hands-on training for public servants. 

The Minister requested that such bilateral meetings should be expanded to cover the ministries of Secondary Education and Higher Education. 

Minister Issa Tchiroma also agreed to pull together his colleagues from the ministries of Secondary Education and Higher Education to facilitate the second leg of a mutually rewarding bilateral meeting with AUN Management in Yaounde or at the AUN campus in Yola.

The Minister expects that the second meeting will more critically deliberate on strategies for government scholarships for Cameroonian students to study at AUN, as well as capacity-building programs for public servants in the country. 

VP Tahir thanked the Cameroonian minister for the audience to the delegation, adding that as Nigeria's most important neighbor, students from Cameroon need to take advantage of the American University of Nigeria campus, where they can study a broad variety of globally competitive courses on the African soil. 

VP Tahir explained that with faculty and staff members and students drawn from nearly 40 countries, there is no reason students from Cameroon should travel to Europe or the United States in pursuit of university education. 

The AUN delegation also explored mutually rewarding partnership possibilities with several high schools and other organizations in Cameroon to facilitate student enrollment at AUN. 

Among them was the African-American Academy in Douala, which shares common values with AUN. In Yaounde, the AUN Team engaged with the Enko College which belongs to an international chain of 14 high schools in Western, Central and Southern Africa. 

There, Dr. Tahir said: "The Cameroun window will remain open until AUN secures a steady stream of enrollees from the country every semester.'' 

The administrator of the African American Academy Douala, Ms. Shabaka, expressed willingness to partner with AUN and support the recruitment of students into the university.

She said: we have had challenges dealing with various parents who have repeatedly raised concerns about the dangers of sending teenagers to universities abroad, at a time when the cost is becoming increasingly unbearable. With AUN, I think there is a lot we can do together.