AUN, ACCA Begin Partnership with Accounting Program Accreditation

AUN, ACCA Begin Partnership with Accounting Program Accreditation

On September 10, President Dekle received the certificate of accreditation of the AUN Accounting program by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA.

ACCA is the global authority for certifying professional accountants and AUN accreditation is the first stage of the partnership between the two organizations.

The top management of the university was represented at the certificate presentation.

Business Relationship Manager for the ACCA, Etisong Ekerenduh, who presented the certificate, said, "This has been a while in the coming. We are happy that it has eventually come today. AUN is very dear to ACCA, not just in Nigeria, but also globally. We are happy that we can now take that relationship to a higher level.”

He said the modalities of the partnership would become clearer with time.

At the information session held the previous day, he explained to students what the accreditation entailed.

However, there is more to it. He said that since AUN has six subject exemptions, AUN students and alumni would have to sit for seven subjects in the exam, which is computer-based testing.

"By the time you finish the applied skills, for instance, you have the option of getting the BSc in Accounting and Business from the University of Oxford Brookes in the UK as well as a Diploma in Accounting.”

Dean of Graduate School Professor Chris Mbah described the accreditation as a double package for students.

Chair of the Finance & Accounting program, Dr. Abiodun Isiaka, was equally excited that her students will not only graduate as BSc holders but also as chartered and certified accountants. 

Dean Yusuf Attahir of SBE said the meeting is a culmination of many activities over the years. He thanked Dr. Isiaka, Professor Samuel Akanno, and Mrs. Nnenna Mosugu, Associate Director of Accounting Control, for their contributions to the success of the partnership.

Mrs. Mosugu, who initiated this engagement between ACCA and AUN last year, said what excites her the most is that several attempts by AUN to partner with the organization eventually succeeded. 

Provost Muhammadou Kah told the ACCA team that the university is positioned to contribute to the progress of the accounting profession in this country and beyond.

"We look forward to a very fruitful collaboration. We look forward to having many of our students depart from here with ACCA qualifications."

He told the ACCA team that the University has a dedicated institute, the African Center for ICT Innovation & Training (ACIT) where most of the university's coordinated professional certifications such as CISCO are held.

"So that is an opportunity where some of the professional courses that are not part of the academic undergraduate programs can be mounted. Consequently, not only the university community but the State and the entire Northeast corridor know they can come to AUN, through our center and achieve all the rest of the  courses to qualify."