AUN Academy Marks Humanities Day

AUN Academy Marks Humanities Day

Students of Yola Model, FGGC, Air Force Comprehensive, ABTI International, and Government Day, Wuro Hausa, all secondary schools in Yola, made up robust participation for the Humanities’ Day organized by the AUN Academy on February 5.

The Academy’s Head of Humanities Department, Mr. Samuel Upev, described the event as a means of encouraging the young ones to contribute to a better society.

"We are celebrating our various contributions to humanity because whatever profession or discipline you choose in life, one way or the other, you will render services for the good of man."

The department offers general knowledge and intellectual skills through subjects like Commerce, Civic Education, Social Studies, Business Studies, and Religion.

The event showcased drama, handicraft exhibition, keyboarding competition, and cultural and contemporary dances.

There were also presentations on the importance of practicing Eco-friendliness, the Change Makers Initiative in Nigeria, and security tips for emergencies.

The VP AUN Schools, Mr. Praise Abdulkareem, said the importance of the various presentations cannot be overemphasized because Nigerians need a liberal country where love, peace, and unity are objectively pursued.

He also told the students that as young leaders of tomorrow, the task of a better future starts from them. "We expect every one of you to take this message home and educate others."

Miss Arah Umeh, the head of Languages Department at Air Force Comprehensive Secondary School, Yola, commended the management of AUN Schools for organizing the educative and entertaining event. "I must thank AUN Academy for rekindling the hope of one Nigeria."

A senior student of Air Force Comprehensive, Busin Sanda, said he did not regret attending the event. "The presentation on Change Makers Initiative is very important because it is something we need in this country."

An SS1 student of ABTI International School, Yola, Hali Bornoma, said she had fun while learning valuable lessons. "I pray we keep doing this every year to create more experiences for students."

Reported by Tina Bitrus