AUN Academy Graduates Learn How to Define Career Paths

AUN Academy Graduates Learn How to Define Career Paths

'How to define career paths' was the kernel of the keynote speech of Dr. Abba Tahir, at the July 13 graduation of AUN Schools Academy.

The VP for University Relations addressed the 43 graduating seniors on the importance of defining their paths as early as possible.

“When you define your paths and pursue it, you will be consistent because you know what you want and how to get to where you are going. 

He counseled them not to derail from their self-defined paths and to shun any distractions. He cited a personal experience of his high school days.

"I knew I wanted to be a journalist and reporter. I never derailed,” Dr. Tahir told the audience of mainly students and parents.

Himself a parent, he also spoke of the role parents can play, guiding their children through to life's success.

“Let us make them consistent in following their defined paths. Help them get focused. If you do that, the sky will be their limit.”

 He also urged mothers and wives to support their husbands in guiding their children to acquire skills.

The Administrator of AUN Schools, Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu, restated the goal of AUN Schools to raise children who can compete with their peers elsewhere.

She added that raising students who are worthy in learning and character is a huge part of the legacy her team plans to leave behind.

“We want to leave behind a system of education where the best in children comes out.

One of the valedictorians, Abdulrazak Modibbo Yahaya, spoke of how he has been inspired by the wise counsel of his English teacher, Mr. Gabriel Ogbaka.

The other valedictorian and Head Girl, Fauziya Adamu, spoke of how self-belief was the source of her achievement.

“I was the first to believe in myself. I told myself I could do it and I was halfway there.”

Head Boy, Jaji Mu’azu Adnan, said, “It is a school that has not only made me excel academically, in sports, and inter-school competitions. It is a school that gives its students a proper moral upbringing to live in a diversified society. We were taught skills that will help us in life after leaving the four walls of the academy.”

Chief (Mrs.) Titi Abubakar, the AUN founder's wife, who usually attends the graduation, was represented by Mrs. Maxwell Gidado, wife of the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Adamawa State.

The graduating students took the AUN Academy Alumni pledge and received certificates and awards. The ceremony also included a performance by the school choir and the AUN Academy Yearbook launch.

The Assistant Director (Admissions), Usman Isa, presented letters admitting them to AUN in the coming semester.


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa