AUN Academy Celebrates Culture Day in Style

AUN Academy Celebrates Culture Day in Style

Pupils, parents, and guests dressed in various colorful cultural attires arrived at the AUN Community Hall to mark the annual AUN Academy (Elementary) Cultural Day on November 30.

Many parents bearing hampers of different sizes packed with various traditional dishes to celebration their indigenous traditions. Soon the atmosphere in the hall was filled with the savory aroma of homemade dishes.

The administrator of the school, Mrs. Elizabeth Raymond, explained that the event was an avenue to showcase the school’s cultural diversity. "We are from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries; we want our children to understand that the cultures of the world are rich."

As part of the cultural celebration, pupils entertained parents and guests with dances to portray Tiv, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Mexican, Indian, Bachama, and Arabian traditions.

They also showcased the histories and traditions of cultures around the world and recited the poem "Africa, My Africa" by David Diop.

Director of AUN Schools, Mrs. Nkem Uzowulu, called on parents to teach the , family values from a tender age as ambassadors of their culture. "I encourage parents to teach their children traditions to make them proud."

Mrs. Uzowulu said despite being diverse in our various cultures, we are still strong in unity and can be stronger by embracing our cultures.

She commended the children, their teachers and parents for making the day a success. "The different presentations brought the whole world to me, especially the Indian dance, which made Zee World so real to me!"

Pandi Anshna, an Indian student, says she was happy to showcase her tradition in Nigeria. "I feel so nice because I danced my cultural dance."

Mrs. Nneka Okwuma, a parent, dressed elegantly in Igbo traditional attire, says she is happy with the aim of the celebration. "It brings the children together and shows them where they are from so they will know where they are going to."

With her five children who attend AUN Academy, Mrs. Okwuma had a good time at the event." It feels good to interact with other people of different backgrounds, and the kids had an amazing time while learning about the culture."

Nuratu Yunusa Nyako, a Fulani lady, who attended the event for the first time, was overjoyed to see other cultures on display. "This is very interesting; I tasted foods made by people from other cultures, something that I have never done before."

Commending the school for the initiative, Mrs. Nyako said, "I like the different cultures interacting. It is a good one, keep it up."

Mrs. Ogechi Dan-Okereke also expressed satisfaction with the event. "We all came to showcase the universal cultures so that our children will learn about other cultures as well as theirs, and we achieved that."

She also commended the children's performances. "It was a great entertainment; I enjoyed all the presentations."

Reported by Tina Bitrus