AUN Academy Annual Career Day

AUN Academy Annual Career Day

On February 1, AUN Academy (Elementary) pupils flaunted colorful attires to celebrate their annual Career Day.

The event which engaged parents throughout the week was an enlightening one, said Mrs. Elizabeth Raymond, the director of the school. “We want our pupils to know the diverse career opportunities that are available.”

“The week-long activity began on Monday and we are fortunate to have different categories of parents--engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers and many more. They have been coming to our classes to relate to our children about their careers. So, today the children have come to tell the parents that they understand what they’ve been taught.” She stressed that they do this to guide the children on to the right path to have focus in life and to understand that education is important.

The students represented various careers and talked about them in a presentation according to their grades. Staff, parents and other invited guests were amazed by the presentations of the students, who were greatly commended.

The Assistant Director, Information Systems at AUN, Mr. Nasiru Yakubu, a father of three at the school, applauded the students’ performance. “What has impressed me is that during the course of the week, a few parents and I went to talk to the students on career choices, how to fulfill their career dreams, and what each choice entails. With this performance, I have seen that they all understood what they have been taught in class. Now, they know what they need to do to follow up a particular career path.” Yakubu thanked the school for organizing such a program.

Mrs. Joanna Jared, a staff member at the AUN Graduate School, said also she was impressed by the performance of the pupils. “It encourages me to keep on enrolling my children in this school. This is an indication that my children are being trained well. They’ve been shown the right way to follow in life.

Reported by Chiedozie Joseph