At President’s Dinner for New Students, Volunteers Exude Passion, Belief

At President’s Dinner for New Students, Volunteers Exude Passion, Belief

The work of student volunteers has become an AUN legend.

This fall during the activities of the new student orientation and pledge ceremony, they lived up to the billing.

Parents love their radiant energies; visitors look forward to their practiced efficiencies, and new students, awed by their frenzied and friendly embrace, vow to enlist the next time.

While President Dekle hosted new students with their parents to the usual post-orientation dinner after the day’s orientation activities on August 30, the boisterous hum of the volunteers in the background was simply irresistible.

The event took place at the Commencement Hall which also serves as an indoor sports hall for the university. President Dekle told the parents that it is in this same hall they would cheer their children as they graduate.

“I trust you had a nice day today with the campus tour, learning about finance, seeing the library, seeing where your sons and daughters are going to have their classes, meeting a few professors. I trust it was an exciting day.”

“I want you to imagine, four years from now, you are going to be in this hall and you are going to be watching your sons and daughters graduate.”

Two student volunteers who were called to reflect on their AUN experience. Mafeni Odhegolo, majoring in Computer Science, spoke of how friendly, helpful, and understanding the employees are. He encouraged the students to socialize so that they can get to know people.

“My time in the university has taught me that it is more than just your books. It is also about the connections you make be it with your friends, your professors, even the staff--every single one is important.”

Another very passionate volunteer, Precious Egeonu, majoring in International & Comparative Politics, spoke of how the University has shaped her to focus on success. She has been into leadership activities since her very first semester, becoming chairperson of her residence hall. She is also a tutor at the Writing Center, a member of the Campus Activities Board and President of the Creativity Club.

“AUN does not just teach you; it challenges you to push the boundaries. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. AUN has made me aware that learning doesn’t just occur in the class. It occurs outside. Everywhere is a place for learning. Every day gives you a chance to learn new things.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa