At AUN Writing Center, Even Tutors Train

The Writing Center at AUN prides itself in skilled and dedicated tutors. Since tutors are at the heart of WC’s daily operations, training sessions are some of the most important activities organized there.

Each semester, the first training usually begins with a reassessment of tutoring, challenges faced in the past, and resolutions arrived at for the way forward. These guide us in the plan of operations for the new semester and also give us an idea of what topics we invite interdisciplinary resource persons to present on.

The bi-monthly, in-house training began in Fall 2016 and since then, in addition to tutor-led sessions, the Center has collaborated with faculty and staff members on relevant topics. Subjects treated have ranged from understanding what tutoring is not, the critical skills of a tutor, addressing various tutoring situations, and academic referencing styles to professionalism and teamwork at the workplace, evaluating online content rewriters, and understanding writers’ disciplines and learning styles.

Spring 2019 began a few weeks ago and our team of service-oriented and open-minded tutors has already started receiving members of the student community for the interactive engagements which guide the writers through the effective application of the conventions and mechanics in the English language, irrespective of major or type of assignment.

What we learn when we come together in groups or during the peer-to-peer tutorials broadens our perspectives, enhances our skills, reminds us why we make ourselves available for assistance and definitely reinforces our mindset that here at AUN, we are one.

Reported by Abuoma Offia, Writing Center tutor