Amazon Releases AUN Student's First Novella

Amazon Releases AUN Student's First Novella

As this year's Homecoming and its colorful alumni-themed activities draw closer, the first novella Flying Pythons by an English Language major, Victoria Toluwase Ifeolu, was released by Amazon KDP on September 27.

"Bringing this to your attention would be a good way to celebrate her current achievement, learn more about her past works, and also encourage other students to live their dreams with pride," writes Mrs. Emilienne Akpan, writing instructor, and director of the AUN Writing Center. She broke the cheering news to us on October 2.

Ms. Ifeolu who had previous works to her credit confirmed the work "is now available for purchase in both ebook and paperback editions on Amazon's international marketplaces." Her previous work, ‘I Call My Sexuality My God', was published on March 23, 2017. 

A more straightforward way to access Flying Pythons is via the Amazon Author Page

In her words, the published author gave the synopsis of Flying Pythons as follows: 

"Mr. Rally Stevens, in desperation to become wealthy, sells his daughters into a sexual mission under the supervision of the Brothers of the Dark. The sisters are to seduce priests, and thereby make them weaken the Heart of the Almighty, guarded in the Temple of Light. 

"Originally, Stacie [one of the sisters] is assigned to Father Jeremiah (the new, handsome young priest), while Nicola is assigned to Father John (the old rickety Head Priest). 

"Nicola, instead of putting up with her disgusting mission, falls in love with Father Jeremiah. Stacie also falls in love with Father Jeremiah. Father Jeremiah's heart picks Nicola. The romance between Father Jeremiah and Nicola blossoms like flowers lost amid gold.

"Natalie and Ashley are sent as spies to the Temple of Light: one snatches Stacie's role as the Temple's Choir Mistress, the other gets expelled from the Temple. 

"Did I mention Rally Stevens was a man of many concubines? Which of his daughters becomes the concubine of power by double-crossing the Brothers of the Dark? That daughter is Stacie!"