Alums Get Networking Platform

In its mission to revamp Alumni Relations and increase the engagement of alumni with one another and the university, the AUN Alumni Relations Office has launched a technology-driven networking platform.

The Alumni Relations Liaison, Ms. Debbie Akintonde, announced the start of AUN Stallion Connect on April 1. The launching of this platform will enable the increasing number of AUN Alumni around the world to connect more with one another in real time.

“Stallion Connect was created to bring back all AUN alumni to a commonplace reminiscent of times at AUN where shared all kinds of interactions, from meeting new people, to strengthening bonds with friends, sharing ideas to support the well-being and progress of one another to achieve their goals.”

The platform works with Slack technology and runs on PC & mobile devices. Its features include live job boards/employment opportunities, 24/7 Access to AUN alumni directory & network, alumni project proposals, training (Alumni College & Mentoring), advert placements, Alumni News & Events Updates and live Feedback for transparency, objectivity, consistency, accountability, and professionalism in coordinating all alumni affairs.

Ms. Akintonde, who created the platform, complimented one of the alumni, Ibraheem Babalola (Information Systems, 2011) for originating the idea. Since 2016, the alums have been interacting via a WhatsApp chat group.

This WhatsApp group created by Ishaq Sa'adu (Business Administration, 2011) and has been in existence since 2016. Noting that a WhatsApp group could not accommodate all sets of AUN alumni in the long run due to its group size limit, Ibraheem Babalola, the co-founder of Muster, suggested a platform that could help to break the size barrier.

She said that Stallion Connect is a win for all AUN alumni, especially those who have suggested, created, and promoted solutions to connect AUN alumni all over the world over the years.

“This platform is dedicated to all alumni who believe in the potential of our AUN Network to make a positive impact on individuals and groups both inside and outside our AUN Community.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa