Alternative Energy in the Works

Alternative Energy in the Works

One of the greatest challenges for Nigerian establishments is energy sustainability, and AUN is not an exception.

Since inception, the University has provided 24 hours of electricity on campus. Maintaining this comes at a huge cost to the university which is why it has been exploring how it can provide more efficient energy.

Since the commissioning of the two Administration buildings, there have been savings on energy consumption. This is because those sustainable structures also use an alternative solar source to power.

Executive Director of Projects Abubakar Bunu said it was a trial project and they decided to use solar energy because it could help to sustain the environment.

“We started with solar projects here and this is the second largest in the country. This is a trial project; we are generating up to a 100 KW there.”

In continuation of cost-savings, 3E Power & Logistics Limited is designing a proposal for AUN. Senior Business Development Manager, Okwong Udoh, met with a team of AUN officials for discussions on January 19.

“The idea is to provide cost savings of 15 to 25 percent on current electricity spent.”

In developing the project, he said they are proposing a solar system which will be integrated with power from the national grid and diesel generators.

Director of Financial Operations, Ibrahim Damare, identified energy consumption as one of the university’s expenditure outlets. He said it will be a great relief on the finances of the institution as the university will have huge savings from the project.

Director of Development, Semeer Yeshwanth, opined that the savings realized from the project could be channeled to other areas of need. “The essence is that if we can have a source in which AUN does not invest at all or somebody is willing to invest into the solar grade for AUN and give us a solar backup that can tremendously lower our costs.”


Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa