2016 Valedictorian Emerges as Best Student at Melbourne Graduate School

2016 Valedictorian Emerges as Best Student at Melbourne Graduate School

The Valedictorian for 2016, Gregory Tanyi from Cameroun, has emerged best graduating Master’s student from the Department of Engineering in Telecommunications at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Three months after the young scholar achieved the feat, he started a doctorate in electrical engineering and his research is in the domain of plasmonics.

“I will be investigating techniques for the direct conversion (up-scaling) of millimeter waves unto the optical domain using plasmonics. Many thanks for all the guidance and mentoring.”

Dean of SITC, Dr. Matthias Fonkam, who broke this good news to our Team, offered his congratulations. Professor Fonkam described Gregory as ‘one of the brightest students to pass through our School’ and expressed his excitement that the quality education he received at AUN is serving him in good stead.

One of Tanyi’s instructors at AUN, Dr. Abel Ajibesin, who is a Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computing, was equally elated.

“He has just sent me an update about his academic progress and I feel this is good news for the school. I am personally happy about his progress in engineering because I used to tell him he is an engineer. I knew he is talented and has extraordinary skills to succeed at the higher levels of academia.” 

The AUN alumnus graduated as a Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies major at AUN with a 3.96/4.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Gregory, like many Cameroonians, already had A-level papers before joining AUN. In 2010, he was best at GCE ordinary level in Cameroon, where he had 11 A’s. In the GCE Advanced Level in 2012, he also emerged the best, having scored five A's in Mathematics, Biology, Further Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Academic feats seem to run in the family of the Tanyis. Gregory, one of five siblings and the only one to study in Nigeria, is the namesake of an uncle who was the first Cameroonian to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

With a British education at Sheffield in the UK, Gregory’s father, Dr. Emmanuel Tanyi, a UK-trained Control Engineer and founding Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Cameroon’s first and biggest English-speaking university, the University of Buea, said that AUN education was his son's choice.

“We parents have learned to listen to our children. When he told me he wanted to study at AUN, I didn’t tie him down to the British education system that I’m used to. So I listened to him.”

The parents told our team on the eve of the 2016 Commencement that they would not take the credit for their son's achievement because he is just gifted. It's just God’s grace.

“Our son has been very good academically at all levels. To have come through AUN where you have very good students and emerge as the best graduating student is a very good feeling for us.”

Reported by Omorogbe Omorogiuwa