2016 Class Speaker Bags EU Scholarship for Masters in Global Studies

2016 Class Speaker Bags EU Scholarship for Masters in Global Studies

Class of 2016 Speaker Kingsley Jima has received the Erasmus Mundus grant for a two-year MA program in Global Studies. 

Mr. Jima, who graduated from the Politics & International Studies & department with honors, will spend the first year at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and the second at the University of Vienna (Austria).

Jima's professor, William ‘Bill' Hansen, who broke the good news to our team, described the grant as prestigious. "It also opens up opportunities for AUN graduates at European universities, most of which have English language graduate programs,'' said Prof Hansen.

Another International & Comparative Politics graduate and former SGA President (2015/16), Basil Abia, who applied for the same program, has been placed top on the wait-list, according to the letter he received.

Both Kingsley and Basil are graduates of the extremely rigorous POLIS/ICP Honors Seminar run by Professors Hansen and Paddy Fay. AUN's ICP program was recently renamed Politics & International Studies (PIS).

The MA Global Studies is a joint program in English by a consortium of eight prestigious European universities domiciled at the University of Leipzig, about two hours south of Berlin.

Professor Hansen hopes that with Kingsley’s award, AUN graduates seeking scholarship funding and study abroad opportunities can be encouraged to also look toward Europe rather than focus entirely on the UK and North America. 

Reported by Togor Passa