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Parent's Testimony

Dr. Mrs. Emilia Madumere
Dr. Mrs. Emilia MadumereAUN Parent

AUN is a Place of Learning, the Starting Point – Dr Mrs. Emilia Madumere, AUN Parent

When my son was getting ready to come here, he was hesitant. He said: "Mummy I want to go to another school first, then later maybe in 200 level, 300 level, I will go to AUN. And I told him AUN is not where you join in the middle. AUN is the starting point because so far from what I have seen, AUN Is a place of learning".

From everything I have seen and heard today, AUN offers very sound quality education and is a home away from home for the students. I was pleased when I saw what the student volunteers were doing at the airport. They are just on their own, doing their own thing, very independent, and I said only a school like AUN could give students the privilege of doing things like that, and I want to say thank you to this school.

Because I have been privileged to be in other Institutions, and I did not see this. What I have seen here is what you see in world-class schools all over the world, but we have it here back home in Nigeria in Adamawa state, which is beautiful.

I want to thank the President of the school. I do not know how you are doing it; the community, the Staff, I do not know how you are doing it, and parents for having faith in this school. Parents coming from far and near you brought your children all the way, and so far, I believe that, like me, you are fully convinced that this is the right place for your children to be, and my prayer is that at the end of it all, we will come back here and say it is worth the while bringing our children here and to my children, all of you that are new students here today, you have heard this speech from your senior colleagues.

It is a beautiful thing. Today I heard from the security team. AUN has world-class security here, and the student affairs people are world-class. I have never seen this before in any school.

I am interested in things that were not said today but that I know to be true about AUN. If every child is privileged to have this kind of excellent learning environment, where young people can get a world-class education, blend socially and discover their purpose in life, we will have a better world.

My humble prayer is that this great university will outlive all of us here today and that the strength, quality, and standard of this school will continue from generation to generation. There will be no former AUN, but it will always be a greater, better, best AUN. Thank you very much.


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