Computer Science

Computer Science

Become an expert in building reliable systems for mission and life-critical applications that are affordable and applicable to consumers. Computer Science sits within the
School of Information Technology & Computing
Program Overview
The B.Sc. Program in Computer Science is designed with core courses that provide breadth and depth in the field, along with a strong theoretical component as a foundation for good software engineering and information systems.

The program includes courses in the sciences and mathematics; general education requirements in the humanities and an in-depth sequence of specialized computer courses.

The program provides a balance of both theory and practice in core courses covering both software and hardware through integrated lectures, laboratory sequences and individual and group projects often with direct application in the community or region.

The curriculum is very flexible and provides students opportunities for concentration in specific areas of interest through their choice of appropriate CSC and/or software engineering electives. The distribution of courses includes the fundamentals needed by every computer scientist.

As the software industry evolves in Sub-Saharan Africa, practitioners are increasingly expected to build reliable systems for mission and life-critical applications that are affordable and applicable within the context of developing economies. Such professionals distinguish themselves with a solid mathematical and computer science foundation, mastery of emerging software tools and methods, knowledge of the cultural context and experience in collaborative work on large projects. The SITC curriculum is designed to prepare our students in all these areas.

The ubiquitous nature of computing in everyday life means that computer science graduate can today pursue careers in just about any area of human endeavor. Some examples include: using technology to connect rural communities, computational biology and chemistry, financial computing, scientific computing, etc.

Computer science graduates may also opt to further their studies, in which case they can pursue graduate studies (Masters & PhDs) in Computer Science, Software Engineering and related disciplines such as IT, Information Systems, the discrete engineering fields such as electronic and electronic engineering and the more general engineering field such as Systems Engineering.
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Program Chair

Narasimha Vajjhala
Assistant Professor
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