Malachy I. Okeke

Ph.D., Medical Biology (Virology), University of Tromsø, Norway


Assistant Professor of Biology
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Dr Malachy Ifeanyi Okeke received a First Class Honors degree in Microbiology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and was the University of Nigeria valedictorian for the 1992 graduating class. He received his PhD from the University of Tromsø Norway in 2007, where he characterized recombinant viruses obtained from recombination in vitro between a poxvirus vectored vaccine and naturally occurring orthopoxviruses.

Dr. Okeke did his postdoctoral work (2008-2010) in the laboratory of Prof Terje Traavik at GenØK mapping naturally occurring and genetically engineered orthopoxviruses. He served as the chair of the program on Virology, GM Viruses and Vaccines at GenOK-Center for Biosafety Tromsø, Norway (2011-2017) and have lead research projects investigating the efficacy and biosafety of recombinant poxvirus-vectored vaccines against infectious diseases and cancers. He also served as scientific advisor/expert to Norwegian and European Authorities on the Environmental Risk Assessment of virus-vectored vaccines and virus-vectored gene therapy products.

Dr. Okeke has published several papers in international peer reviewed, high impact factor journals including Emerging Infectious Diseases, Viruses, Vaccine, Journal of General Virology and is a reviewer of high impact biomedical journals including Viruses, Vaccines and Computation. His research work has over 600 citations in google scholar. Dr. Okeke have taught courses in different disciplines of biomedical sciences in institutions in Norway and Nigeria and have a record of successful supervision of undergraduate and graduate students.

His current research interest is in the development of vaccines against infectious diseases and cancers that are prevalent in Nigeria and Africa. He is also passionate about the consequences of modern biotechnologies (genetic engineering, genome editing and synthetic biology) on human health and the environment as it pertains to biosafety, biosecurity and biodefence.
AUN Courses
  • BIO 103 - Essentials of Nutrition
  • BIO 230 - Molecular Genetics
  • NES 342 - Environmental Toxicology
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